GSoC 2017 with Wikimedia

4th May, 9:00 p.m IST: I had decided that I won’t be opening my Google Summer of Code dashboard before the results are out. But then I kept feeling butterflies in my stomach. So I open up the dashboard for a while. Hoping for things to be dispatched earlier. Half an hour passes by, while I have been switching tabs between dashboard and Facebook. It hits me that it is time, it’s 9:30 p.m.

The results were supposed to be out, and I’m gazing at my dashboard only to find a line similar to “You are selected” / “You have qualified”. Instead what I find is the title of my project written on a newly designed page. I’m unable to comprehend what is going on, and then my phone rings. Anubha it is. She shouts, “Did you check the results? You made it!!!”. “I’m trying to figure out, if I got selected”, I replied in a faint voice. She asks me to check the Org Project list page where she has seen my name. Damn, my internet connection went down for a moment, but that felt really long. The Internet is back, the page opens up and there it is. My name is on the top of the list - GSOC 2017 - with Wikimedia Foundation. I felt ecstasy, after a long long time.

It was a beautiful state of bliss where I got lost for a split second that I couldn’t speak up.

I was deliriously happy for more than three days due to the same reason, which was kind of new to me. But then accomplishments are accompanied with parties. So the next day and next to next day, I went out with my friends on lunch and dinner to celebrate.

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