GSoC 2017 - Week 3

The third week of Community Bonding period of the Google Summer of Code has elapsed at Wikimedia.

This week, after submission of my minor project at college, Yaron and I, have given a thought on how to implement the hierarchy in wikitext. Specifically we pondered how will we take input from the user regarding a specific hierarchy field and how will we store it in the wikitext.

Yaron told me that we can proceed similar to Page Forms trees input, while changing the input field to text in order to remove the clutter and simplifying the input methodology.

For example : Vegetables -> Root Vegetables -> Carrots

In our way, it can be entered by following way

Food :

Root Vegetables

Implementing a wikitext parser for this idea would be similiar to the Page Form - Tree input.

I had explored the capabilities of Cargo this week by following most of the features from the documentation such as storing data via Cargo Declare, Cargo Attach, Cargo Store etc, querying data via Cargo Query. I looked over to the database implementation of the Cargo extension by jumping into the current database via phpMyAdmin. Each stored template gets its data stored in a single DB table, with a column for each relevant template parameter.

Later in the third week I revised SQL concepts of inner and outer joins, complex queries and normalization.

In the next week, I aim to finalize the database implementation for the hierarchy field and explore the associated codes with of Cargo functionalities.

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